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If you want to make friends with people living abroad who share your own interests, we can help you get in touch with the good penfriends.


All you have to do is to mail us a detail of your preference (by post or by email) plus your 10€-participation and we’ll provide you with a selection of 3 persons already willing to know you.


ΠTell us who is your perfect friend:

-         are you looking for a boy or a girl?

-         where should he/she live? (country, state or region, city…)

-         how old should he/she be?

-         which language do you want to speak together?

-         give us more details about suitable studies, hobbies, sports
or other personal interests.

? We’ll look for the boys or the girls who correspond best to your wishes and send you their email address (and postal when provided).

When looking for a very special profile, do not hesitate to propose a larger number of countries from which you want to know friends.


¨ Choose if you want to receive the selected contacts by email or post mail(from France please enclose a stamped enveloppe).


Ž Enclose your 10-participation:

-         use only a cheque when issued on a French bank account,

-         you may send directly a 10€ or or a 10 US$ bank note,

-         you may also use "international answer coupons" available in post offices,

-         you can also pay by Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard) ; just mention the 16-figure-number of the card, the expiry date and the three digits of the crypto at the back of the card.

Members may also use the credit available on their member account.


Contact us:    
Franceworld - Marie BERAT - EVAIN

6 place de la poste
91440 - Bures sur Yvette

                  Email :