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suesanblack suesan 
 St cathrine 

25 years Girl 

Martin Sheryl 

50 years Girl 

Mullings Anna-kay 
 St. Catherine 

20 years Girl 

Nisbeth Gwendolyn 

43 years Girl 

Abayomi Bilal 

13 years Boy 
Nom : Nisbeth
Prénom : Gwendolyn
Girl 43 ans
Country : Jamaique
Language : Anglais
Urban area: Jamaica
Email : ECRIREBuy this address
University :
Area of study : French
Leisure activites : Cooking,baking,walking,reading
Sports : netball,track&field, football
I would like to correspond with : des Français
Notes:I am looking for a penpal ages 43 and over

Form created : September 11 2013



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Good Correspondence.